26August, 2015

In the past years, it’s because of the technology of biological cultivation and the process of scientific hygiene treatment meeting customer’s demand that Hoang Hau dragon fruit has controlled the market. The process of dragon fruit preservation is implemented as follows:
The dragon fruits after harvest with nice color and optimal value of biological norms are cleaned by pure water to reject the dust and micro organic on the surface of fruit’s skin. Next, the fruits are dried naturally or we can also use an electric fan to dry faster. After that, dragon fruits are packed in the nylon bags and then put in the carton boxes. Finally, the products are stored for preservation at the temperature of 6OC-7OC and humidity of 95%-100%. This process has been done at the same day to guarantee for safety product and not influence on the quality of fruit. Applying the above process, it takes a long time for Hoang Hau dragon fruit to preserve well (from 30 to 35 days). It’s safe for quality and time of transportation to remote markets.
Dragon Fruit with Hoang Hau trademark has been packaged in the cartons with many different kinds of size such as: 41cm x 31cm x 12cm, 41cm x 31cm x 22.5cm. The carton boxes are printed with nice clear color, high quality. It’s very impressive with the lively pictures of dragon fruit garden, red ripen dragon fruits and the hamonious color of Queen’s crown.

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    Ms. Ly Thanh Thao - +84938303159