31July, 2015
Social Responsibility

As a dragon fruit producer and supplier shipping all over the world, Hoang Hau is aware of the impact of its activities on society and takes responsibility for that. It’s not that easy to work with social responsibility in a developing country like Vietnam but we have striven constantly to involve ourselves in sustainability programs such as BSCI and SEDEX not because we think of the commercial purpose or customer’s requirement but because we basically want to contribute partly to a better world.
Our aim is to improve working conditions of every employee in the company and to reward appropriately for the work performed. For this reason, we join BSCI.
Apart from BSCI, joining SEDEX enables us to focus on the environment, health, safety, also working conditions and doing business ethically.
In addition to the activities inside company, Hoang Hau has also supported local social programs. There are projects that seek to improve living conditions of the poor and old nearby residents, scholarships for their children and victims in natural disasters.

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    Ms. Ly Thanh Thao - +84938303159