18June, 2015
Food safety and Quality control

Our goal is to satisfy the customer with the best quality product meeting the requirements laid down in legal standards about food safety and being safe for public consumption.
We have worked with GlobalGAP system since 2007 on our own farms and packing houses so we are able to guarantee food safety. Every shipment exporting to overseas is inspected carefully for quality and monitored strictly for residues of pesticide and chemical by our experienced QC team.
If there is a problem occurring during production or any phase in the supply chain, we have traceability system to work with stakeholders to find the cause and the best solution. Thanks to this system, we can react quickly and effectively to the incidents and deal with the action plan accordingly.

    Mr. Tran Ngoc Hoang - +84938303151


    Ms. Ly Thanh Thao - +84938303159
    Ms. Ly Thanh Thao - +84938303159