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2 billion of copyright like purple flesh dragon fruit
Date Submitted: 24/03/2020 1694 view
According to Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, Director of the Southern Fruit Tree Institute (SOFRI), right after the copyright and commercialization (September 12), the purple and purple dragon fruit variety LD5 was granted by Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd. Hoang Hau (Binh Thuan) bought the copyright for 2 billion dong.
Good start
After 10 years of research, the creation of this dragon fruit has been successful since 2010, but the LD5 purple-fleshed dragon fruit variety has only been officially launched by SOFRI to the market after selling the copyright. Previously, the red flesh dragon fruit was also successfully researched by SOFRI in 2005 but could not sell the copyright. "At that time, the use of" pagoda "became too popular", said Assoc.
Now SOFRI has taken a more formal step. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, copyright issues for plant varieties have been applied in many developed countries. When creating a new variety, the researcher will sell the right to exploit the seed to a company for them to organize the exploitation. The company will have full rights to exploit in their direction and is also the only unit authorized to organize production, sale of seedlings or export of fruit later.
The Intellectual Property Law relating to plant variety copyrights clearly stipulates that no individual or organization is allowed to plant or trade such variety without an agreement with the company that buys the copyright. The fact that a company buys the rights to exploit seed in developed countries is a great motivation for the research institutes to continue to produce better new varieties.
According to SOFRI, Vietnam joined UPOV (International Plant Variety Copyright Organization) in December 2006. Protection of plant varieties will be a guarantee for farmers to invest in producing the best plant varieties, facilitating re-investment in seed development research. However, up to now, the licensing of plant varieties has only been popular and developed in most of the northern provinces. As for the southern region, there has not been any direct exchange on this issue with cooperatives and gardeners.
Characteristics of new dragon fruit varieties
Regarding the characteristics of the purple flesh dragon fruit variety, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau said the fruit has tough, crunchy, drained fruit, different from red flesh flesh dragon fruit.
According to SOFRI documents, the purple-fleshed dragon fruit LD5 is derived from sexual crossbreeding between the red flesh dragon fruit of Long Dinh 1 (motherhood) and white flesh dragon fruit variety Cho Gao (fatherhood). Purple flesh dragon fruit tree has strong flowering ability and almost year-round, flowers have the ability to pollinate naturally to produce fruit. From planting to flowering the first takes about 9 - 11 months. The main flowering time of this plant is from March to August of the calendar year and is likely to naturally flower in the inverse season from October to February of the solar calendar. In the main crop, the average actual yield reached 10.34 kg / head / crop (a 16 month old tree).
Purple flesh dragon fruit has an average weight of 350 - 400 gr, bright red skin, bright, quite glossy, ears are green to red green and quite hard. The flesh of the fruit is purple and quite firm, slightly sweet and sour.
Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd has the right to use the purple and purple dragon fruit variety LD5 for 20 years.
Other posts
Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd. is propagating for mass planting an additional 500 hectares of purple and pink flesh dragon fruit in Ham Can commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. This is a dragon fruit that Hoang Hau dragon fruit company bought 2 billion dong of copyright from Southern Fruit Tree Institute.
Today, September 12, Southern Institute of Fruit Tree held a seminar on "Publication of copyright of purple-fleshed dragon fruit variety LD5 and commercialized seed" successfully conducted by the Institute for Research and Crossbreeding. auction of copyrights of this new variety.
According to Associate Professor - Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, Director of the Southern Fruit Tree Institute (SOFRI), scientists from the Institute's Breeding Selection Department have successfully bred another new dragon fruit variety of economic value. high. It is a purple-flesh dragon fruit with the symbol LDĐ5.
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