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In tropical countries and some tropical countries, people use dragon fruit as a favorite beverage, dessert. Although new dragon fruit to eat delicious new, but some people like to eat when the ripe fruit has sour, sweet and sweet taste.
People who are obese, high blood pressure should eat dragon fruit, because it contains mucus that helps reduce cholesterol levels of food and bile salts. So it is also very suitable for people with diabetes, hypertension, chronic constipation. According to some studies dragon fruit can reduce the rate of uric acid in the blood and prevent gout and diabetes.
Just 600-700g of dragon fruit is enough to provide the necessary amount of vitamin C for the body to fight diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency and scurvy. Dragon fruit has the effect of reducing fat, preserving the skin beauty for women when processing into drinks such as dragon fruit tea, dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit smoothie, dragon jelly ...
Dragon fruit also contains rare albumin and anthocyanins, rich in vitamins and soluble fibers. In particular, Albumin is a glue that helps to detoxify toxins when heavy metal poisoning.
In addition, dragon fruit trees have a number of other effects:
The trunk helps to strengthen the tendons and smoothes the passages and detoxifies. You peel off the skin, thorns, rinse with salt water, then pound the applicator or you can use the residue to cover burns, burns, boiling water, parotid gland inflammation, boils, fractures.
Flowers have a tonic effect, except for cough. For those who are weak or have productive cough, dragon fruit can be cooked with lean pork to treat. Use fresh or dried dragon fruit to drink or decelerate tea to help cure bronchitis, lymphadenitis, tuberculosis and detoxify alcohol
Types White flesh dragon fruit
Weight: >850gr
Weight: 650-849gr
Weight: 450-649gr
Weight: 300-449gr

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