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Queen Dragon Fruit

Established in 1988, Dragon Fruit Hoang Hau is the first farm in Vietnam producing dragon fruits on a commercial scale. Through many years of unremitting efforts to build and develop, Thanh Long Hoang Hau is proud to be one of the leading enterprises in growing and exporting with the largest scale in Vietnam.
As a pioneer, Dragon Fruit Hoang Hau has always made great efforts to maintain its leading position in Vietnam in the field of growing and exporting dragon fruit.
Providing the best products and services, aiming to satisfy customers' needs. Become the most prestigious and reliable partner of customers.
Established in 1988 with a farm model with only 3 hectares, the Company has boldly invested in planting more than 800 hectares of dragon fruits according to GLOBAL G.A.P.
Dragon Fruit Hoang Hau not only dominates the domestic market but also exports to many countries around the world, especially Europe with over 80% market share.
Purple flesh dragon fruit LD 5 with the advantages of tough meat, brittle, drained, resistant to high pests ... was bought by Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit of Southern Fruit Research Institute.
White flesh dragon fruit is the main export clean fruit of Vietnam. Dragon fruits in Binh Thuan are not only famous in Vietnam but also exported to countries around the world.
Red flesh dragon fruit is one of the fruits with high nutritional content suitable for all audiences and ages, especially in keeping in shape and beauty.
Every year, the company builds sustainable supply chains in the most demanding markets such as Europe, the United States, Canada and gradually expands dragon fruit exports to Japan, South Korea, and India. Nowadays, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit has been promoting more markets in many countries around the world.


Farm production

Through many years of unremitting efforts to build and develop, Thanh Long Hoang Hau is proud to be one of the leading enterprises in growing and exporting with the largest scale in Vietnam.
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Dragon Queen

News, prices, market of Binh Thuan dragon fruit in particular and the whole country in general are always updated regularly so that you can accompany with Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit. View all
  • Với đặc tính thịt quả giòn, chắc, vị ngọt kèm chua nhẹ và có mùi thơm, hiện thanh long ruột tím hồng được một doanh nghiệp ở Bình Thuận xuất khẩu sang châu Âu.
  • Although the number of dragon fruits consumed from bakeries is insignificant compared to the total output of nearly 90,000 tons of ripe Binh Thuan province, this movement has spread the message of joining hands with farmers to solve difficulties.
  • Founded in 2003 with a precursor of a 3ha farm growing dragon fruits and a number of short-term fruit and vegetable crops, till now, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd. has become the leading enterprise in growing dragon fruit export. dragon fruit in Binh Thuan and is the largest dragon fruit growing enterprise in Vietnam.
  • Dragon fruit - a specialty fruit of Binh Thuan now gradually affirms its position in the market, especially in Europe and the US.
  • According to Tran Ngoc Hiep, vice president of Vietnam Fruit Association (Vinafruit), director of Hoang Hau dragon fruit company, the copyright owner of LD5 purple flesh dragon fruit, due to the number of seedlings transferred from the Institute. Southern fruit trees are not many so the company planted the original seedlings and propagated them by cutting branches and cuttings to create seedlings.
  • Being the first person to develop dragon fruit into a commodity product since 1988, during the past 27 years, Mr. Tran Ngoc Hiep has always been the leader in this industry.
  • Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd is a well-known enterprise in growing and exporting dragon fruits. Only dragon fruit farm 2 in Ham Can area, Ham Thuan Nam district, Hoang Hau dragon fruit has more than 200 hectares.
  • There are simple desires but they lead and change the whole life of a person. The "king" of dragon fruits in Binh Thuan - Mr. Tran Ngoc Hiep - has the same "fate" wish.

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