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Hoang Hau dragon fruit distribution market
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Dragon fruits with the trademark of “Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit” not only dominate the domestic markets but they have also been exported to many countries and territories around the world such as Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the United States.


Packed dragon fruit products ranked from 1st class to 7th class of Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit are exported to foreign markets such as Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the USA. The outstanding quality value of Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit is the commitment of a safe product, in compliance with the regulations of the import markets.

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  • 12/05/2021
  • Dragon bread is in full bloom in Binh Thuan
    Although the number of dragon fruits consumed from bakeries is insignificant compared to the total output of nearly 90,000 tons of ripe Binh Thuan province, this movement has spread the message of joining hands with farmers to solve difficulties.
  • Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit: Enhancing Vietnamese dragon fruit brand
    Founded in 2003 with a precursor of a 3ha farm growing dragon fruits and a number of short-term fruit and vegetable crops, till now, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd. has become the leading enterprise in growing dragon fruit export. dragon fruit in Binh Thuan and is the largest dragon fruit growing enterprise in Vietnam.
  • Keeping brand of Binh Thuan dragon fruit
    Dragon fruit - a specialty fruit of Binh Thuan now gradually affirms its position in the market, especially in Europe and the US.

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