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Production system
Production process Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit
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Over the past years, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit has always maintained 2 sources of input materials from 2 farms owned by the company and purchased from households that produce Global G.A.P. or equivalent. Farm system of Hoang Hau dragon fruit meets GG standard with a team of experts knowledgeable from dragon tree development process to post-harvest care and preservation technique.
Dragon fruit is produced from farms according to a very strict production process, from soil analysis, water testing to soil improvement and selection of standard plant varieties. Thanh Long Hoang Hau applies modern technology to the production and management process to help automate and most accurate production activities along with automatic drip irrigation system to improve productivity with high efficiency.
After that, each stage of tree development from bud release to harvest as well as care at each stage must be carefully monitored and recorded. After a thorough inspection at the farm, dragon fruit is harvested and placed in plastic baskets by skilled workers and transported home packed by internal means of transport.
Consumer health is always a concern of the company, in order to do well, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit always closely controls and carries out assessments, checks to ensure standards of nutritional quality, quarantine. plant residues, pesticide residues are always within the permitted level, meet the required standards, etc., with the desire to bring consumers the most quality and safe products.
In addition to the incentives granted by nature, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Company has applied the scientific results of the Post-Harvest Technology Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, combined with the Company's production experience of more than 20. In the past year, we have produced specific products that other places do not have. With the advantage of red fruit - beautiful, timely harvesting, high nutritional quality, ensuring no residue of post-harvest drugs, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit has stood firm in the market and thrived until today. 
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